Gleisdreieck Park

The Gleisdreieck Park, or Park am Gleisdreieck, was created in 2013 from a vacant lot, which used to be around the Gleisdreieck railway crossing. This remained inaccessible and dormant for a long time after the end of the Second World War, thus developing a very varied vegetation.

Through a project with a contemporary language, the land was transformed into an open urban space that offers several possibilities of uses: Skaters and joggers, hikers and beach volleyball players, fans of picnics and sports, discoverers of nature and technology enthusiasts. make the Park a very attractive, central and easily accessible area by public transport.

The concept adopted in the project made the park an innovation in this category of public open spaces in Berlin, it has received several awards and, in terms of landscape, it is characterized by the central and extensive areas of lawns, which are bordered by small groves and individual trees and are crossed by wide paths.

An essential element of the park's architecture is the preservation of much of the flora, which grew wild and took over the former railway facilities. Parts left over from the old railway use of the land were incorporated into the project and give the park a very special character.

Despite the intense controversy during the design period and its implementation, the interests of nature conservation and recreational use made the park an attractive and very popular space.

This is an enriching visit for lovers of these public spaces and also for architects, landscape designers and researchers in the field.

Duration: 2 hours

Foto: Maristela Pimentel Alves